Community Engagement

TACHI Community Engagement Session

Learn from TACHI TA’s, Troy and Jaqueline, about how TACHI sites can build strong relationships with those that they are in service to.

TACHI Community Engagement Panel

Learn from TACHI TA’s and special guests, EHF grantees, about how they engage with communities within their organizations.

Principle of Community Engagement one-pager

Use this handout to guide your community engagement efforts. Learn things to consider BEFORE a community engagement effort and how to achieve SUCCESS with your efforts.

Meaningful Community Engagement for health and equity

Learn how to establish and maintain strong relationships with communities experiencing health inequities.

Community Engagement Continuum one-pager

Use this handout to learn useful goals and activities to engage in to move from outreach to shared leadership within a community.

Community Engagement Knowledge Sharing Forum

In April 2021, TACHI explored useful community engagement principles and aligned them with the initiative’s purpose.